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Ion Clen3The Ion Cleanse footbath provides a comfortable purification support system and may even reduce the discomfort associated with rapid purification. Today we are exposed to the greatest toxic load in the history of our planet and ongoing periodic detoxification is essential to maintain health and avoid disease.

Good laser2We also deliver Cold Laser therapy which speeds healing 1/3 faster and reduces pain. Laser therapy has gained worldwide recognition by experts for its ability to reduce pain and advance healing without drugs or invasive surgery.

handheldHulda Clark Zapping can be done in the clinic. Research has shown that low voltage electric current can kill or disable viruses, bacteria, fungi, microbes, germs, pathogens parasites and tapeworms. It is good for Yeast Infections, Joint Pain, Migraine Headaches, Allergies and fevers.

Jud_huldaJudy and Doctor Hulda Clark Ph.D., N.D. get together after testing bottled water for toxins. Doctor Clarks Protocols and testing procedures are done in the clinic and her books are recommended reading.
See downloads for the Cure and Syncrometer.

1mpMagnetic Pulse penetrates all body cells and tissues up to 8 inches deep. It can neutralise pathogens and viruses that hide are untouchable by the immune system, white cells or antibiotics. We use it when everything seems normal but the symptoms persist.

e_readerThe E-Reader can test check to see if your energies are balanced in your body. If you were feeling a little low on energy to tired during the day, it would be wise to have an E-Reader test.

We use Chinese herbal medicines to balance the energy or what the Chinese call meridians.

100_0928The MAP test is a computerized nutrition test that can be done to determine what vitamin you need or don’t need. It takes the guesswork out of taking vitamins. The test requires urine and saliva samples, blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, height and weight, which can be done in clinic.

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